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Procedurally generated items

Friendly town - Lanecrost

Procedurally generated levels

Traditional Roguelike hybrid


Arid lands

Little demo of item generation

Example of a generated level

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The Change Master List (newest at the top):

- New (Option): Player can now control the camera perspective with right mouse button
- New (Gameplay): Camping where the player can cook and recover
- Character model to be customisable (e.g. you put on a helm - it appears on the character)
- Customisable starting character classes
- Diagonal movement
- Cannot move through walls diagonally but have to go around the corner (Is this real life?)
- Improved Lanecrost scenery
- Performance improvement when in town
- Improved character saving (step towards backward compatibility)
- Better path finding (10000 nodes in less than 0.01s)
- Cooking various foods using braziers
- Bats attack animation
- Character creation screen
- Balance early enemies to be more dangerous and have a stronger impact
- Character model to have pickaxe added
- Better fire particle graphics
- Better class base stats allocation per class
- Small Bug: Enemy sight not to be obstructed by small debris
- Nearby enemies to be alerted when you make noise bashing doors or crates
- Better Golem and Slimes debris models
- Character class perks (3-4 each to start with)
- Add Rogue class
- Add stealth
- Critical hits (based on Dexterity and Wisdom)
- Add critical hit chance to magical items
- Better AI so they are not always easy to queue in doorways
- Better AI so they are working together
- New mainly warrior Slice skill (based on Strength)
- Character model to have full plate armour added
- Story/quest NPC to be added in town
- Replace Roth's model place holder with a proper model
- Add light auras for magical enemies
- Branch off more dungeon types
- New (Controls): Full mouse support
- New (Feature): Cooking (drag food on torches in the dungeon)
- New (Item): Cooked Leg of Mutton
- New (Item): Cooked Cabbage
- New (Item): Cooked Fish
- New (Item): Cooked Chicken Leg
- New (Item): Cooked Sausage
- New (Item): Cooked Spinach
- New (Item): Popcorn
- New (Item): Cooked Egg
- New (Item): Cooked Turnip
- New (Item): Cooked Tomato
- New (Item): Cooked Orange
- New (Item): Cooked Apple
- New (Item Type): Ancient Stones
- New (Item): Gate Stone
- New (Spell): Lesser Heal
- New (Spell): Major Heal
- New (Spell): Detect Traps
- New (Spell): Lightning
- New (Passive Skill): Brilliance (Mage)
- New (Passive Skill): Fire Faculty (Mage)
- New (Passive Skill): Ice Faculty (Mage)
- New (Passive Skill): Lightning Faculty (Mage)
- New (Passive Skill): Poison Faculty (Mage)
- New (UI): Grid overlay (toggleable)
- Improvements (Floor levels): Better dungeon design
- Improvements (Gfx): Better particle effects
- Improvements (AI): Skeleton Archers, Fire Imps, and others now check if view is obstructed before firing.
- New (Level Type): Crystal Caverns
- New (Bestiary): Crystal Crawler
- New (Bestiary): Blink Bat
- New (Bestiary): Blue Slime
- New (Spell): Whirlwind
- New (Passive Skill): Vigor (Warrior)
- New (Passive Skill): Regeneration (Adventurer)
- New (Characteristic): Oozes regenerate HP
- New (Interactable): Crystals (with various properties like traps)
- New (Gfx): Blink spell effect
- New (Gfx): Crystal effects
- New (Gfx): HDR Bloom
- New (Sound): Bats' death sound effects
- New (Option): Blood splatter can be switched off
- Change (Debuff): Poison on a hero now ticks 1 times per 5 turns
- Improvements (Log): Log now saves into a file
- Improvements (UI): Better polished windows
- Improvements (Gfx): Better 3D gfx performance aiming for 120fps
- Fix: Blink Bat does not teleport on top of other monsters anymore, I think.
- Fix: Coins should no longer spawn on traps (or maybe they should?).
- New (Content): Stomp spell
- New (Content): Soul prefix that will have various effects
- New (Content): Graveyard of fallen heroes
- New (UI): Zooming in and out
- New (Gfx): More varied blood particles
- Improvement (Content): Balancing to make combat more meaningful
- Improvement (Gfx): Smoother avatar animations
- Herogues now runs on Linux
- Monsters can now trigger traps same as the player
- Smoother animation added to the player avatars
- Smoother animation added to zombies
- Fix: Fixed cure poison potion name
- Randomly generated levels
- Randomly generated items
- A town you can come back to for a moment of rest
- Spells!
- Automap
- Monsters with random attributes
- More Unique Monsters
- Semi-intelligent monsters (work in progress)
- Food!
- Drink!
- Merchants' Hall
- Best 3D graphics a roguelike has seen?
- Destructible dungeons
- Line of sight based on light
- Three base classes (Adventurer, Warrior, and Mage)

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